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Denver Dental Malpractice Lawyer

Oral surgery negligence and dental malpractice are serious issues in Colorado. Many painful and debilitating injuries can result from nerve damage and infections that are left unchecked. The attorneys at Thomas J. Tomazin, P.C., know how to protect your rights when you are harmed by the improper care of a dentist.

Contact Colorado dental malpractice lawyer Thomas J. Tomazin if you or someone in your family has suffered serious injuries or complications as a result of negligent dental care, oral surgery or cosmetic dentistry procedures.

Colorado Dental Implant Complication Attorneys

In more than 30 years of civil trial practice, Thomas J. Tomazin has represented many personal injury plaintiffs in dental and oral surgeon malpractice cases in metropolitan Denver and around the state of Colorado. He has accepted cases involving injuries such as the following:

  • Nerve injuries from dental implants
  • Improper wisdom tooth extractions
  • Failure to diagnose cancerous conditions in the mouth, tongue or jaw, such as squamous cell carcinoma
  • Serious inferior alveolar nerve injury or nerve root pain resulting from a negligent dental procedure
  • Undiagnosed or untreated infections
  • Negligent maxillofacial surgery related to wisdom tooth extractions or other oral surgical procedures
  • Negligent cosmetic dentistry involving poorly performed dental implants or veneers that result in permanent disfigurement or damage to the mouth

Nerve injuries from dental implants and other procedures can cause serious pain and other symptoms, including numb or tingling lips, loss of taste and a numb or tingling chin.

When an Injury is Caused by Departure From Standard of Care

As with other professional malpractice cases, the main objectives in negligent dentistry litigation are to establish and quantify the fact of injury to the plaintiff, and to prove that the injury was the result of a departure from a recognized standard of care on the part of the defendant dentist or oral surgeon.

The defendant’s departure from a recognized standard of care can only be established through the expert testimony of a credible professional in the field — another dentist or oral surgeon. Denver dental malpractice lawyer Thomas J. Tomazin has extensive experience working with forensic dental experts to prove negligence in cases of serious dental malpractice.

Contact a Denver Dental Malpractice Attorney

For further information about a lingual nerve injury or the prospects of your dental negligence claim,contact a Colorado lawyer at the law firm of Thomas J. Tomazin, P.C., Attorneys at Law.




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